No matter how defeated you may feel in life, be it a new goal, work, school, a friendship, or a relationship…remind yourself that some people have grit and some people don’t. You DO. You don’t let anything or anyone break you. You let yourself feel pain and disappointment, you let the tears cleanse your soul, but then you pull yourself together and you use it as fuel.

Grit** perseverance and passion; indomitable character; courage and resolve; strong self-will




Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week (followed by Sundays in the fall of course…football, sunday dinner, walks). They promise forgiveness and a fresh start. They give us another chance to do more and be better. They often force us to step out of comfort zones and begin a new chapter. This week I am striving to stay close to whatever brings me the most happiness and letting go everything else. I for one needed some change in my exercise routine and diet.No matter how fit we are, every so often we need reminders of how good our body’s are at adapting. If we don’t switch up our routines, we not only see no progress, but we lose that rush. I’m extremely motived and anxious to see my body change. Never put a limit on your goals.


Over the past few months, several of my friends (who are also into the health/fitness world) and I have found ourselves stressing over our ultimate personal goals. The society we have grown up in has practically screamed at us that quicker is better. We look for shortcuts whenever and wherever possible. However, change does not happen over night. Looking at the bigger picture becomes overwhelming and often we feel as though we are getting nowhere. What I suggested to one of my best friends was to begin making daily goals every morning and a weekly one on Mondays. I have begun doing it myself. It’s important to feel as though you are accomplishing something every single day. Women struggle enough with insecurities. We need to invest in those activities that empower us and give us the confidence we deserve. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. We can make goals and achieve them, but it is important to realize that maintaining those goals takes effort also. Hang in there, you’ll get where you are going if you want it badly enough.


When do we learn to tell ourselves that anything less than perfection means failure? Don’t get me wrong, being a “perfectionist” certainly has its perks–It has set me apart from the crowd and allowed me to achieve whatever it is I set my mind to. However, when it comes to our health, putting such intense pressure on ourselves 24/7 takes its toll. I’m writing this blog today because while I am going 90mph, plowing my way through last-minute assignments and finals week, I find myself completely and totally overwhelmed. Over the next two weeks, there will be days when I simply will not have time to go to the gym without overexerting myself. As hard as that is for me, I have to learn to remind myself that it’s okay to take a few days off.

When I am stressed/upset, everything I eat disagrees with me, so it is extremely important that I make efforts to get the nutrients I need. However, for some individuals, stress and anxiety are what cause them to emotionally eat.When it comes to living healthy, we need to learn to remind ourselves that slip-ups are part of the process. If you find yourself mindlessly eating a bag of candy, instead of getting depressed and hating yourself for it, tell yourself, “today was hard, tomorrow will be better.” One way to prevent this is allowing yourself planned portioned treats throughout the week (a handful of m&ms, small mug of ice cream, 2 oreoes).

No one is perfect. We have all given into temptation and ate that plate of triple cheese nachos, but remember that does not cancel out all of your hard work. Week in and week out, you are making efforts to live the healthiest life possible so be proud of that! For my fellow perfectionists, we must learn to be more aware of our bodies’ and minds’. We must be able to recognize when we have gone too far.