Yesterday I had the opportunity to take some professional photos with two fitness enthusiasts. After six hours in the car and four hours shooting, I was exhausted, starving, and moody (no wonder supermodels make so much money!). Nonetheless, I had an amazing day doing what I am absolutely love with two young women who share my passion for a healthy lifestyle. Although we have different goals and areas of expertise, working with people who are just as driven and dedicated as you are is an amazing experience. After I went to school for elementary education for two and a half years and then switched my major on a leap of faith, I too shared one of the girls fear of taking that leap. However, if you do not wake up and pursue what you love every day, you are wasting your time. At 22 (almost 23) I have no idea what my career is going to be in this field. I am simply taking every opportunity I can. Never put limit on anything and always chase your dreams.