I recently read an article that discussed the effects of anxiety and stress on eating habits. It is well known that some of us are emotional eaters. However, this article argued that men deal with being overwhelmed physically, while women turn to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. While I am not so sure emotional eating is gender specific, the answer seems obvious–put down the spoon and go to the gym.

Easier said than done though..how many of us find ourselves mindlessly munching when things feel like they are out of our control? In order to break these habits, we have to learn to become aware of our emotions and recognize symptoms of anxiety early on.

 The cerebral cortex elicits the release of dopamine, delivering a sense of pleasure and reward. This response focuses the attention of the individual so that the behavior is repeated.* In other words, these learned behaviors, that evolved to promote survival, have taken a turn for the worse. If we can trick our minds by changing the neurological reward to say exercise, then we can begin to change these learned habits.

Can’t get to the gym? Do five-ten minutes of lunges, squats, push ups, planks, and crunches. Go for a walk. Climb a few sets of stairs. If feel yourself starting to become overwhelmed with work, school, or a relationship, take a moment to assess the signals, and refocus.

*Discovery Channel- Neuroscience Psychology



No matter how defeated you may feel in life, be it a new goal, work, school, a friendship, or a relationship…remind yourself that some people have grit and some people don’t. You DO. You don’t let anything or anyone break you. You let yourself feel pain and disappointment, you let the tears cleanse your soul, but then you pull yourself together and you use it as fuel.

Grit** perseverance and passion; indomitable character; courage and resolve; strong self-will



Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week (followed by Sundays in the fall of course…football, sunday dinner, walks). They promise forgiveness and a fresh start. They give us another chance to do more and be better. They often force us to step out of comfort zones and begin a new chapter. This week I am striving to stay close to whatever brings me the most happiness and letting go everything else. I for one needed some change in my exercise routine and diet.No matter how fit we are, every so often we need reminders of how good our body’s are at adapting. If we don’t switch up our routines, we not only see no progress, but we lose that rush. I’m extremely motived and anxious to see my body change. Never put a limit on your goals.