What would you say if I asked you to name one thing you do better than anyone else? This was a question a friend asked me a few weeks ago and it left me rather stumped. I could easily compile a long list of things that I excel at, but “better than anyone else?”


At 24, I am beginning to enter the “quarter life crisis” that plagues my generation. Am I working for the right company? Am I making enough money? Have I traveled enough? Have I lived enough? Do I have enough friends? Do I have the right friends? Do I live in the right city? Is my youth running out? Am I enough?

I am constantly working to deepen my self-awareness. Thus, for the last few weeks I have begun studying myself in various situations. It is so important to get to know yourself. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I know that my life is only just beginning. And yet, like the rest of my generation, I am suffocated by the notion that I must have it all figured out. Right now. Today.

The truth is that while I still cannot tell you what I do better than anyone else, I am getting there. I am very much lost in the right direction. I know what exhilarates me. I know who and what is toxic to my life and have begun making adjustments accordingly. Do not be afraid to ask yourself what you want and use tunnel vision to get there.

“The more you let go, the higher you rise.” -Yasmin Mogahed  



Yesterday I had the opportunity to take some professional photos with two fitness enthusiasts. After six hours in the car and four hours shooting, I was exhausted, starving, and moody (no wonder supermodels make so much money!). Nonetheless, I had an amazing day doing what I am absolutely love with two young women who share my passion for a healthy lifestyle. Although we have different goals and areas of expertise, working with people who are just as driven and dedicated as you are is an amazing experience. After I went to school for elementary education for two and a half years and then switched my major on a leap of faith, I too shared one of the girls fear of taking that leap. However, if you do not wake up and pursue what you love every day, you are wasting your time. At 22 (almost 23) I have no idea what my career is going to be in this field. I am simply taking every opportunity I can. Never put limit on anything and always chase your dreams.


No matter how defeated you may feel in life, be it a new goal, work, school, a friendship, or a relationship…remind yourself that some people have grit and some people don’t. You DO. You don’t let anything or anyone break you. You let yourself feel pain and disappointment, you let the tears cleanse your soul, but then you pull yourself together and you use it as fuel.

Grit** perseverance and passion; indomitable character; courage and resolve; strong self-will