Over the past few months, several of my friends (who are also into the health/fitness world) and I have found ourselves stressing over our ultimate personal goals. The society we have grown up in has practically screamed at us that quicker is better. We look for shortcuts whenever and wherever possible. However, change does not happen over night. Looking at the bigger picture becomes overwhelming and often we feel as though we are getting nowhere. What I suggested to one of my best friends was to begin making daily goals every morning and a weekly one on Mondays. I have begun doing it myself. It’s important to feel as though you are accomplishing something every single day. Women struggle enough with insecurities. We need to invest in those activities that empower us and give us the confidence we deserve. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. We can make goals and achieve them, but it is important to realize that maintaining those goals takes effort also. Hang in there, you’ll get where you are going if you want it badly enough.


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